Educational Gaming

13 Fallacies

13 Fallacies is a card game that is loosely based on Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. Students must determine which fallacy card in their hand best addresses the scenario card which will detail up to three fallacies. The game relies on a group facilitator who determines the winner of the hand. It is also possible for the group to disagree with the facilitator’s decision. Then the group votes on the individual with the best argument for identifying the fallacy. This game is available.  For more information contact Joel Langston.

IU Timeline

IU Timeline is a game designed to teach players about when important Indiana University events occurred in history. Players create a timeline of events as they play and the person who knows the most about IU trivia and history will win, while everyone learns something new about Indiana University. This game was designed by Joel Langston and Kael Kanczuzewski to determine the viability of created a useful game in a short time frame. From initial design meeting until the printed cards were in-hand took 4 weeks. IU Timeline is a card game.

Irrational Behaviors game

The Irrational Behaviors game was designed by Joel B. Langston, Dr. Julia Gressick and Dr. Joseph Campbell to assist mental health counselors with clients who may behave irrationally, but are not aware of it. The game is co-operative and players have to choose the best and most rational options in order to build a well-balanced person. Irrational Behaviors is a board game.