Media Services

Media Services

Media Services meets the instructional media needs of the campus by creating video, assisting in the development of instructional games, and providing technical support of media files and content.  

Video and Audio Production Service

Media Services provides support of audio, video, and multimedia production, ranging from a basic video recording to a semester-long fully scripted video.  To submit a recording request or to schedule a production consultation, please send an email to the Support Center at 

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Instructional Game Consultation and Production

Media Services can help with planning and producing instructional games.  We stay abreast of trends in gaming, and are actively engaged in faculty and student gaming activities. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss game mechanics, options, and resources.

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Media Duplication and Conversion

Media Duplication or Conversion

Media Services usually will digitize or duplicate:

Media made by you. (For example, a videotaped recording of a live activity). Any media for which you have obtained express written permission to digitize or copy. In some cases, very short excerpts from a program (5% is a rule of thumb).

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