IU Print

IU Print


  • Remember that you need your student ID card to release your print jobs.
  • Your print job will be auto-deleted from the queue after 4 hours. 


Administration Bldg.

AI 199Z (Gateway)

UD 102 (Grill) 

Education and Arts Bldg.

EA 1109

EA 1099A (color)

Elkhart Center

EK 213 (color)

Northside Hall

NS 199

NS 099D (Near first floor lounge)

NS 0099 (Color In basement, near Physics) 

Schurz Library

LM 115 (color)

LM 315

LM 499

Student Activity Center

FE 102 

River Crossing Housing

RV 105 (Community Bldg.)

Wiekamp Hall

DW 1003 (color)

DW 2001 

Printing from an IU workstation, Step-by-Step

1. Send your document to be printed. (Note: Your print job will be deleted from the queue after 4 hours.)

    • From a STC workstation, use the print option (Ctrl P, File Print, etc.) and select "SB_BW_Printers".
    • From a tablet, phone or any other email-enabled device by emailing your document to print@iu.edu for black and white documents or printc@iu.edu for color documents.

2. Go to a Print Release Station and swipe your ID Card.

3. Select your job from list that appears and release it to print.

4. Collect your printed document.

How to Add Funds to Your IU Print Account

1. Check your print allottment balance if desired

2. To make a deposit, click on Make Deposit below and follow these steps:

    • Click the allotment tab.
    • Select your campus.
    • Login to the page.
    • Click the Go link next to deposit and choose an option for depositing additional finds to your IU Print account via Bursar Billing or PayPal.

Make a Deposit