Net Express Locations

Note: Net Express (NetX) stations are intended for short-term use, such as checking email, printing, making quick corrections, etc.  Please be considerate of those who are waiting.  Computer Labs (STC's) are available in other locations for long projects.

Net Express Locations

Administration Building

  • AI 199Z  Gateway area

Education and Arts Building 

  • EA 1099A ( Lobby Area under the stairs)

Elkhart Center

  • EK 202 (Near Main Lobby area)
  • EK 213 (Mini Lounge)

Northside Hall

  • NS 160 (First floor across from Hammes Bookstore at IU South Bend)
  • NS 0067H (Northside Hall basesment across from and south of main elevators)
  • NS 0099H (Northside Hall basement across from and north of main elevators) 

Wiekamp Hall

  • DW 1001 (First floor, east end of auditorium)
  • DW 2001 (Second Floor Student Lounge)