IQ-Wall Tips and Tricks

Connections for HDMI devices and older VGA laptops are on the wall to the left of the IQ Wall. The IQ Wall device inputs will work with all resolutions up to 4K. Use the Touch Panel located above the laptop connection to change inputs and control volume. If you are planning to bring your personal device to connect to the IQ-Wall, don’t forget to bring your HDMI cable to make a connection!

Default arrangement is one device to the whole IQ Wall. Other modes available with advanced, special request. Please contact the UITS Support Center to discuss your needs.

Using the installed computer, native resolution is 7680x4320. Bigger pictures are better!

We’ve made some customizations to the IQ-Wall’s integrated PC that make it easier to navigate Windows on such a large format monitor. However, working with large windows that span the 20-foot display can be a daunting task. When working in a window, sometimes it helps to make the window smaller so that you can focus in on a smaller area. Then, when you are ready to show to the wider audience, maximize the window.

The IQ-Wall’s PC is controlled with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The receiver for the wireless peripherals is located on the wall under the touch panel to the left of the IQ Wall. If you are using the wireless keyboard or mouse, and not getting the result you expect, move a little bit closer to the podium.

Scheduling an IQ-Wall Event

Reservations required

When not scheduled for an event, the IQ-Wall is open for unscheduled walk up use by any faculty, staff, or student. However, if you’d like to plan an event at the IQ-Wall, simply make your reservation with the Special Events Office at Event Promotions on IQ Wall

Special arrangements

If your event requires special seating or setup, please request it at time of reservation and Events staff will work with you to configure the space as needed. If you have questions for the Special Events Office, contact Eileen Villaneuva,
Special Events Coordinator at

Get IT Help with the IQ-Wall

UITS Support Center

UITS-SB has worked to provide a stable, current technology platform for your use at the IQ-Wall. Like all technology, though, sometimes equipment failures happen. When a technology failure occurs, at your earliest convenience, please contact the UITS Support Center directly to help us serve you as quickly as possible.

Phone support is available 24x7 at 574-520-5555.

You can also reach us by email at