Campus Safety Tech Resources

IU Notify/Alertus

Alertus - is a desktop alert that is part of the IU-Notify emergency notification system. Whenever IU-Notify issues an emergency alert, all workstations and laptops running the Alertus client will display a full-screen pop-up alert.

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is a carrier-provided feature that allows you to make phone calls and send text messages where Wi-Fi is available but cellular coverage is inadequate. You can call and text (SMS/MMS) as you do on the cellular network. You need to make minor configuration adjustments on your cellular phone to activate Wi-Fi calling. Once enabled, cellular phones automatically use Wi-Fi calling when needed.

Wi-Fi Calling and Emergency Services

During setup, you'll be prompted to include an address for 911 emergency call routing. The address for 911 emergency call routing helps first responders locate you at the address where you are most likely to use Wi-Fi calling. When you place a 911 call, it uses the cellular network when possible. If no cellular network is available, the address you provide during setup will be used. It is your responsibility to make sure you keep your Wi-Fi calling location up to date for 911 as you change locations. It will not automatically update.

Rave Guardian Safety App

Have you downloaded the Guardian safety app?

Students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University can now use the Guardian safety app to access personal safety resources and to reach police more easily. The free Rave Guardian app is available at the Apple Store and Google Play. The Guardian Safety App features:

  • An inbox for IU Notify emergency alerts
  • Quick access to 911 dispatchers and campus police
  • A Safe Walk Timer to notify family and friends if the user is not home when expected
  • Ability to send tips, anonymously if preferred, to police
  • Contact information for key campus safety and wellness services

To learn more about the Rave Guardian app -

Campus House Phone Locations

House phones are located throughout the campus for your convenience.

  • In Wiekamp Hall, Education & Arts, Northside Hall and the Schurz Library, house phones are located next to elevators.
  • Northside Hall additional house phone locations:
    • First floor – north of room 104, by printer
    • Ground floor – in student lounge
  • Additional locations across campus:
    • Fine Arts – outside room 121
    • University Center, first floor – in Grill
    • University Center, basement – outside of The Language Company space
    • RC Community Building – inside west door
    • SAC first floor – next to elevator

IU Knowledge Base (KB)

Find answers to questions about information technology at Indiana University.

To inquire about or request technology assistance contact the

UITS Support Center
Education & Arts Room 1109