Reserve a Lab

How Instructors May Reserve Lab Space for a Class

A. The instructor may have a class scheduled in the computer lab for a semester by the registrar. (This is done during schedule preparation - MANY MONTHS BEFORE THE SEMESTER STARTS.)

B. The instructor may request lab space for a class period early in the semester to bring in a class for lab orientation and instruction. Here is the procedure for reserving lab space:

1. Reservations should be made AT LEAST a week in advance through University Information Technology Services (UITS). The faculty or staff member should fill out and submit the lab reservation form or contact the Support Center ( by e-mail or phone (x 5555) to make the reservations.

2. The faculty or staff member will need to tell UITS what class and how many students they would like to bring to the lab and which type of computer they will need - IBM compatible or Macintosh (or if either is OK). They should also make sure through UITS that any needed software will be available. If special help or instruction is desired (an e-mail startup for the class, etc.), please be sure to specify this.

3. Special Equipment (overheads, etc.) should be specified by the faculty or staff member when making the reservation.

4. Lab consultants are informed at the beginning of each week by UITS what reservations for Special Classes have been made for that week. The consultant on duty will have room in the lab reserved for those classes. No other reservations are valid.