IT Security

IT Security and Policy

SB 101 Data Classified as Critical

IU South Bend schools and departments are responsible for ensuring that data is secured to the level set forth by this standard.  This document describes the scope, rationale, and processes and procedures for the handling data.

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SB 102 Electronic Media Disposal and Redistribution

Describes the scope, rationale, standards and processes and procedures for erasing hard drives of all IU computing equipment and removeable storage devices before they are relinquished from Indiana University South Bend control.

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Electronic Media Disposal/Redistribution Standard

This standard applies to all departments and individuals who have access to Indiana University South Bend data and all computers and removable storage media that are purchased by the University or contain University data.

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IU South Bend Technology Purchasing Procedure

This document defines the requirements and procedures for the purchase of IT related technology by IU departments and individuals at IU South Bend.

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IT Incident Response Procedures

This page defines the procedure to follow for proper notification and response to a computer incident, such as slow or non-responsive systems, new errors/messages, programs constantly crashing, or suspected inadequate protection controls.

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List of Supported Technology at IU South Bend

Before purchasing any computing technology, you must contact South Bend UITS to confirm that it is supportable and securable. This is a partial list of technology that is known to be supportable at IU South Bend. 

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