Technology Classrooms

All registrar-scheduled classrooms at IU South Bend have a technology desk or lectern that includes a Windows computer, a document camera, DVD player, laptop connections, and a projector or LCD display. Most rooms have been upgraded to an all-digital control system with a touch-panel controller, and the remainder are scheduled for upgrade before the end of 2017.

Room 2102 in the Education and Arts building, the “Next Generation Classroom”

This room features a collaborative environment consisting of four 6-seat collaborative stations and a videoconferencing system. At the tables, students may use a built-in computer or plug in their own device, and view their work on a wall-mounted TV at the end of each table.  The instructor may choose to share any table’s screen on the 80” TV in the room, or in a classroom anywhere in the world. The EagleEye Director system automatically cuts to a close-up of whoever is currently presenting, based on voice-triangulation and facial recognition.

Scheduling a Semester-Long Course in Room 2102

Scheduling priority is given to courses that require collaborative/distance technology in support of campus strategic goals.

  • First priority is given to synchronous distance courses that are offered on multiple campuses.
  • Second priority is given to courses that require collaborative and/or videoconferencing technology.

Requests will be confirmed one week prior to the beginning of advanced registration (March 24 for Summer I), and an email confirmation will be sent. You will meet with staff from UCET and UITS to discuss optimal use of the room, and to receive technical training.

Requests to schedule the room for a course may be sent to Please include the following:

  • Instructors name
  • Course name and number
  • Proposed days and times
  • Brief description of how (and how often) you plan to use videoconferencing, collaborative, or lecture capture technology

Scheduling a One-Time Meeting or Class Session in Room 2102

Room 2102 may be scheduled for practice sessions and one time class meetings. Send an email to that includes the date, start and end time, brief description of the activity and the video bridge number (if available). Please be advised that regularly scheduled classes have priority over one-time events.